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Marine Taxidermy | Ocean Creations - Dover, FL

The catch of your life is in your hands! All the days of going home fishless are past, and now you have the fish you've been waiting for. How to hold onto this moment, so coveted yet so fleeting? One answer: a professional quality marine taxidermy from Ocean Creations. Keep your fish fresh forever even as you release that majesty back into the water.

It is the molding process that makes a great fish trophy. We create our marine taxidermy from real fish, and have molds in our collection to suit any need. But if you do catch a rare beauty we can make a unique mold from your fish.

Here's a brief overview of the process of turning your fish into a marine taxidermy trophy:
Molding—A real fish is put in a sandbox, and sand is used to mimic the edge of the mold.
Skin Simulation—Once a natural pose is achieved, the skin surface is stimulated to catch the unique details that make the fish look so alive.
Gelcoat and Fiberglass—Next, a gelcoat and fiberglass layer are applied all over the fish.
Set and Removal—The mold sets, and then is cut open.
Cleaning—The mold is cleaned and any excess molding is removed to create the look of the fish.
Glassing—A release agent is placed on the surface to free the body from the mold after glassing has set.

The finishing stages are artfully painting, adding bills, teeth and fins and a hand painted eye. This is where we shine. Detail work is where the love shows. Accuracy of color is essential to a natural looking marine taxidermy. We work to match the color with the location the fish hails from. After the look is achieved, a clear topcoat is sprayed on to preserve the look, and to seal in the life of the fish. Call us to celebrate your next success.