Fish Mounts

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Fish Mounts - Preserve Your Finest Fish

Fish Mounts | Ocean Creations - Dover, FL

Making fish mounts is where Ocean Creations began, and it's still where we excel. We have the resources and experience to create a mount from any fish on the planet. If you don't find the fish you want on the website, give us a call to discuss your options. You'll be surprised at the accessibility of creating a lasting trophy of that great moment. Our inventory includes most salt water and fresh water species. If the variety you wish to mount is rare, bring it in and we'll do a one of a kind mount for you.

Using the “Catch and Release” method we support the vibrant life of our oceans. You caught it, but let it go to repopulate it's beauty and nurture this valuable ecosystem for generations to come. Now it's commemorated for a lifetime. Each individual trophy fish has its own style and variation. In order to stay true to life, each general action pose is unique. Upon request we'll be happy to paint your fish mounts to match the photo of your catches.

So that your trophy will be easy to hang, our top craftsmen use the best materials, ensuring your catch will turn heads for years. We have many different wood mounts for you to choose from, and unique styles that can properly accent the fish's personality. If you've been searching for authenticity you've found the right source. We pride ourselves on excellence in all that we do, and our fish mounts are no exception. Try us and see for yourself!