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Marine Taxidermy | Ocean Creations

The catch of your life is in your hands! All the days of going home fishless are past, and now you have the fish you've been waiting for...

Fish Mounts | Ocean Creations

Making fish mounts is where Ocean Creations began, and it's still where we excel. We have the resources and experience to...

Fiberglass Models | Ocean Creations

Ocean Creations offers museum-quality fish mounts in a wide variety of fiberglass models. Fiberglass fish can either...

Give yourself permission to play in imagination's playground, and create wondrous worlds out of your business. Ocean Creations is here to make your dreams come alive. Call us today 8136590641.

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We Are Knowledgeable

Ocean Creations is a design firm bringing marine and animal life to life! Based out of sunny Dover, FL, we have been crafting high-quality fiberglass marine taxidermy, fish mounts, and sculptures since 1982. That means over 30 years of expertise in crafting priceless moments into trophies to be savored for a lifetime. Our many repeat customers testify to the quality and love that animates each trophy and sculpture. Whether it's a personal trophy, interior or exterior decor for a restaurant, theme park or hotel, our quality is clearly apparent.

It is our customers that give us the unique passion that drives our skill. The longer you work in an industry the more proficient you become. This is so true for Ocean Creations that we are expanding beyond our first love of sea life, into 3-D sculptures of any kind. You dream it we make it! From dinosaurs to rhinoceroses, and giant birds to functional sculptures like a manatee mailbox, creativity knows no bounds.

We've done many small steps and individual projects, and are now prepared to take on huge corporate projects. Our work is not only technically excellent, but responsive to the environment as well. For example, a 22ft killer whale flying in Panama City Beach was specially designed to be able to slide down the mount pole and anchor into the ground during stormy weather conditions. Our creations are an investment for your business; a statement of your passion, and we wouldn’t want to have that passion blown away in the next typhoon.

What theme do you and your company want to explore and bring to life? Populate your lobby with meandering manta ray, or climb the stairs along a flock of flying fish. Maybe installing functional fountains of dancing dolphins in the gardens next to huge crabs gleaming red. Our craftsmanship was born out of an appreciation for the sea, and now we're turning that love to the forests. Trees are more valuable than ever, and expensive. Why not create the illusion of immortal trees with a fiberglass facade?

We are leaders in the industry of creating life-like replicas of nature. We have a list of satisfied customer's including:
• Sea World of Florida
• Sea World of Ohio
• The Original Benjamin's Calabash Seafood Restaurant in Myrtle Beach
• Zoomarine in Portugal
• Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, FL
• Gaido's Restaurant in Galveston, FL
• Blue Planet Aquarium in England

These and many other customers testify to the excellence and craftsmanship that make Ocean Creations unique and sought after in the Dover, FL area. If you are looking to turn heads with creativity that you didn't know could exist, we are the company for you. Call us today to discuss your next project!